In my beginners to intermediate photography class, you will learn different photography techniques to capture the images that you want using your digital camera. In addition, you will learn more about your equipment and its capabilities. Whatever your goals are in photography, I will help you to achieve them.


My lessons are personalized to each individual depending upon their interests and level of knowledge. I prefer to work with individuals on a 1-1 basis to ensure my undivided attention. If you prefer a group class (2 or more), we can work out a group plan. Since the best way to learn photography is by taking photos, we will spend time out in the field shooting photos and applying the different techniques learned during our time together.

Possible topics we may cover  - depending upon your interest(s)

- About your equipment and basics about your camera settings

- Understanding Exposure

Relationship among aperture, shutter speed and ISO

- Different modes: Manual Mode, Aperture priority, Speed priority. 

- Basics about flash

- Extra tools: Filters, reflectors, etc

- Motion photography

- Ideas about composition for landscapes, animals and people.

- Any other topic of your interest.

- Basic processing with Adobe Lightroom: I am happy to help you with Adobe Lightroom as a separate and subsequent class at a per hr rate.


Packages and rates:

  • 3 hr private lesson $275  - In this beginner lesson, we go over the main concepts to help you achieve a strong foundation and learn in more detail the functionalities of your camera.  We will learn the basics of photography that will allow you to shoot fully manual so your photos start turning out the way you want them to.  Once we are done covering the theory, we will go outside and take some basic photos applying the concepts learned that day.  If desired and there is time availability, students can book an extra hour to do some basic practice for an additional $100
  • 2hr private workshop - $300 - Recommended for those who are already comfortable shooting in fully Manual Mode or those who already took a lesson with me and would like some guided practice time. We will meet at a convenient location that offers subjects of your interest. If desired and there is time availability, students can book an extra hour of workshop practice for an additional $150


  • Prices are per participant. 
  • Lessons are offered Monday through Friday either early mornings or mid afternoon. The practice portion of the lesson must start not later than 4 hours prior to sunset as we need natural light. 
  • As this is a private lesson, participants will need to email me to coordinate a date and time to meet. Typically early mornings or mid afternoons. 
  • If needed, participants may reschedule a lesson with more than 48 hr notice. Changes to the schedule with less than 48 hr notice are not possible and are non-refundable.
  • Classes are held in the Outer Richmond area in San Francisco. Workshops are held at various locations in San Francisco.
  • Classes must be paid in full prior to meeting.


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