Velarde Photography | Product Samples1


Framed Prints: 

A variety of frame styles with white, black or non mat. Adding a mat to a framed print increases the width and height by 4”. We also offer the choice of regular glass or non-glare glass.


  1. Black Flat: For today’s modern interiors. Nearly 2” wide, this flat, squared, and true black frame adds up to the most contemporary look.
  2. Black Curved: At 2 1/2” you can frame your largest photo with this soft black, round moulding. This is a great frame for black and white photography.















  1. Black Rounded: Both the inside and outside edges feature grooves to add dimension. Nearly 2” wide, this frame will add drama to photos large or small.
  2. Black Metal: Simple matte black metal frame. It accents virtually any photo with a clean crisp line of black.



















  1. Beaded Walnut: A small 1 1/2” walnut is a wonderful frame for your photos. The bead on the inside edge gives it just the right amount of decoration.
  2. Beaded Mahogany: A small 1 1/2” mahogany is a wonderful frame for your photos. The bead on the inside edge gives it just the right amount of decoration.


















  1. Silver Curved: Big and bold describes this 2 1/2” slightly rounded moulding. Highlighted with black streaks. 
  2. Natural Finish: Lighter in finish, this wood frame fills the need in contemporary homes.



















  1. Espresso Walnut.





















Metal Prints:

Dyes are infused directly into especially coated aluminum sheets. Metal Prints are available in 3 different surfaces:

* High Gloss: Brilliant high gloss surface that shows every detail. Excellent for any subject matter especially for landscapes, nature, water, and so on. Maximum wow factor.

* White Satin: Smooth, very even and soft appearance. It is a compromise between gloss and matte finish. Great option for black and white images and if surface reflection is a concern.

* Sheer: Allows the surface of the metal to show through giving the image a translucent luminescence. This unique material works well with high key images and images with subtle color transitions. Available with a Glossy or Matte Finish.


    1. Single Metal Prints: attached to the wall with a float mount block.





















2. Framed Metal Prints: Float Framed for added depth. Mounted with a 1/2" space between the frame and metal print, so that the print appears to be floating within the frame.




















Frame Moulding Sample Sets


3. Framed Metal Prints: a) Flush Mount (black, silver, copper, light pewter, dark pewter) or b) Inset Metal (black or silver).





















Canvas Gallery Wraps:

Printed on canvas. Wrapped around 1.5” width wooden stretcher frame. Ready to hang.